I love vinyl!

I love vinyl records. I am a child of the ’70s and records were IT! I used to have a big collection, maybe 300 or so albums and at least as many 45s. Remember them?! Singles, 45s.

I lost all my original albums many years ago when I was living like a nomad. I asked a friend to hold my albums for me until I got another place to stay. He did but I didn’t come back for them for a few years and by then they were distributed around his family and gone to me forever.

Oh, how I loved those albums! I had all the Beatles albums, all the solo Beatle albums up through about 1981 or so, all the Who albums up through then, too. I had several genres of music though. Pop, rock, punk, new wave, heavy metal, oldies, musicals, folk.

In the ’80s cassette tapes became popular. Instead of “Available on album or 8 track” it was now album and cassette. I was never a big cassette fan. The album art and lyrics were so tiny I needed a magnifying glass to read them! I enjoyed the nice big vinyl album covers. Beautiful art work and lyrics to sing along with or help understand what the hell some of these bands were singing. I started to rebuild my album collection and stayed away from cassettes (which I’m glad I did since they don’t hold up as well over time).

I rebuilt my vinyl collection slowly by going to garage sales, The Record Exchage (now the Exchange, mostly cds now), flea markets and hamfests (amateur radio swap meets) where I would sometimes get great deals. I now have maybe 200 albums. It isn’t as good a collection as my beloved first collection, but I enjoy having albums around. I again have almost all the Beatles albums (minus some rare ones I used to have), I have some of their solo work and all the Who albums. I now have classical, electronic, live stuff, and all the kinds I had before.

My husband is an electronic and audio genius so I have a nice turntable and set up to play all my vinyl albums. I still have all my 45s from back then. But those are another story.

I am glad to see that more music is being released on vinyl again. The warm sound of a vinyl album beats the digital sound of a CD (mp3, download, however you get your digital music) in my opinion. Some of the older albums converted to CD don’t sound quite right. I enjoy all the extras on downloaded CDs and collect music that way as well. But my first love for music came from vinyl and I think that’s where my listening heart lies.

Does anyone else still love or collect vinyl? How do you enjoy listening to your favorite music?

10 thoughts on “I love vinyl!

  1. I had a buddy that sold vinyl…and his collection at home was AMAZING. He had this one from some first or something pressing from Japan {or some such} that was really rare…of course…but the SOUND….Oh My God. When you go back and you listen to something you’ve been hearing only in its digital version for so long, it is astounding. I forgot.

    • I love to find really old and rare stuff. I have a collection of 78s that are really old! Listening on vinyl just seems to be a little bit better sound, especially on a clean record.

      • Oh yes…you hear the cymbals, all the high’s and lows that get rubbed off in digital. Geesh…makes me want to go listen to some vinyl…

      • It’s fun to collect them, although they do take up space! My friend Merbear just started listening to some vinyl Beatles albums and having fun with that. The older albums sound especially better since they were recorded for vinyl. I love listening,

  2. I have vinyl! i haven not added to it in years, but it goes with me wherever i have lived. I recently moved and found a whole bunch I forgot i had – many were my mom and dad’s! i have originals – the funny thing is I have a son who loves music – including the retro – all the way to Big Band! anyways, he had a hoot going through these, especially since many of them he has place on hold at the library through the past few years. a few of my favorites – original Johnny Mathis, Engelbert Humperdink, The Monkees, Sonny and Cher, Tom Jones, Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn and quite a few Elvis:) and a 45 of Fats Domino’s Blueberry Hill and Rubber Ducky by Sesame Street!!!!!!!

    great post!

    • It sounds like you have a great collection. I had a Sesame Street record, too! I think it’s great that your son enjoys your collection so much. I just think it is a lot of fun to go looking through any old stacks of records I might find at a garage sale or wherever and sometimes can find some gems. I am especially fond of novelty records. I have a lot of those in my 45 collection.

  3. Great hearing about a love of vinyl. There IS something different about playing LPs – holding the cover, actually manipulating the turntable – that seems to connect us to the music. I’ve just started writing about records, cover art, music: an excuse to justify decades of music collecting! Visitors very welcome.

    • I just love collecting and listening to records. You’re right, in my opinion, that the whole experience is great. I miss the side 1, side 2 themes some vinyl has. Ok, will be checking out your blog!

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