It’s a Wonderful Life

I’ve been watching It’s a Wonderful Life almost every day. It’s my favorite movie. I have seen it hundreds of times. During the holiday season I like to watch it every day if possible.

It’s been difficult getting through this time of year. Last year at this time I was just discharged from the hospital. This year is better.

I went shopping yesterday and got everything done! I will be wrapping gifts over the weekend and have them ready to ship out to my children who all live out of state and can’t make it in this year for a visit.

One of the reasons I mention It’s a Wonderful Life is that the movie makes me appreciate my children and my friends. If you haven’t seen this movie, George Bailey is in crisis. He thinks he is worth more dead than alive. An angel comes in answer to prayers by his friends and family. He has a chance to see what life would have been like if he had never been born. How small things in life have influenced more people than he realized. It all ends happily ever after.

Shopping for the few people I had to buy for, I realized that I am lucky to have children and family to buy for at all. That if I had not lived to see my current age (which I never thought I’d reach), my children would be different. I wouldn’t have met my husband and have had the last 16 years together.

I almost gave up yesterday and not finish my shopping. But I made it through. I am proud of that. It wasn’t easy. I am trying to make the holiday as stress free as possible. I have met the challenge so far and hope to continue.

I think I’ll go watch It’s a Wonderful Life again.

6 thoughts on “It’s a Wonderful Life

  1. I’ve never actually seen It’s a Wonderful Life—even though it’s one of my partner’s favorite movies! Thanks for reminding me to watch it.

    xoxo Em

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