My Beatles Buddy

I am drinking out of one of my Beatles glasses. It reminds me of my friend, my Beatles Buddy. We met at an outpatient program. She had on an awesome Beatles hoodie. The Beatles!! I love the Beatles! I compliment her on the hoodie and she asks me if I like the Beatles…..and a friendship is formed.

The two of us talk about our love for the Beatles and their music. Who is your favorite? She loves Paul and I love George. My new friend tells me she is very shy, but we have been talking every day. We talk about all kinds of things, bonding over the Beatles. She tells me she likes to go see Beatles tribute bands. I have seen some and like to go also.

Outpatient ends and we keep in touch. We meet up to see a Beatles tribute band and our husbands meet. They get along surprisingly well for two fairly shy people. We text and meet up once a week, just to talk. It feels so great to have a friend who gets it. We start to meet every day. This gets us a little too dependent on each other any my friend recognizes it before it ruins our friendship.

My Beatles Buddy is a great friend. She is understanding and funny. She is witty and kind. She is smart and generous. We give each other space, support each other and, of course, go out occasionally to see Beatles Tribute bands together.

We both have long-time best friends. We wouldn’t give them up for anything. Luckily, we both respect and understand these friendships and don’t let them interfere with our friendship.

I feel thankful to have such a great friend.

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