Thanksgiving is a time for family. A time for thankfulness, of course. There’s one Thanksgiving, though, that I am just thankful to not relive.

I was married four months before Thanksgiving so it would be our first one together. Well, our first holiday married anyway. We had already had my son and I was a few months pregnant with my second child. We lived in a very small, but very nice apartment in an old building in the city. We were going to go to visit family on the holiday, but thought we would have a feast with some of our friends the weekend before.

My ex-husband is deaf and all our friends coming over were deaf or hard of hearing. I would be the only hearing person attending. My friends and I planned who would bring what and what would be cooked at our house. A friend was staying over to help me prepare everything and get the house ready.

She and I got everything ready and decorated. The three of us watched a movie together and I went to bed. A little later, our dog jumped up from the bed. This was kind of strange for this dog. She was a dog for the deaf and would mostly respond if something were wrong or strange going on. I got up and wandered down the hall to see what had woken up the dog.

As I passed the bathroom I heard sounds. Sexual sounds! Now both my husband and my friend may have been deaf, but I certainly wasn’t. I stood there in shock. I pounded on the door and heard a lot of shuffling around. I couldn’t wait to hear what his excuse was this time.

I was told that my friend had become upset and my husband went in to see what was wrong. Why was the door locked? Well, my friend wanted privacy. Privacy? I was asleep! I told them to forget it. I could hear everything. How could they do this to me? They just stared at me.

Like a dumb ass, we still had the party minus one absent guest. I always took him back in those days.

Which leads me to why I am thankful.

I have a wonderful husband now. We have spent many nice holidays with our three kids while they were growing up and now as adults. We still go to my sometimes-pain-in-the-butt relatives house for Thanksgiving. They are all good memories. We are with what family we still have and am glad every time one of the kids can make it in for the weekend.

I am thankful to have survived the idiocy of some of my youth so that I can enjoy my calmer life.

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