Banjo therapy

I am learning to play the banjo. I got one after I got out of the hospital last year. I was hospitalized for 12 days for depression and anxiety. My husband got me a banjo to help in my recovery. I always wanted to play the banjo. I love banjo music.

I love my banjo. It helps me focus at a time when that isn’t always such an easy thing to accomplish. I put aside a little time every day to practice. I can’t play any songs. I am just learning to play a few chords and some rolls right now. Nothing fancy. It feels good to learn something new.

I remember when I was in treatment after leaving the hospital, how proud I was to get that banjo. It meant the future and wellness and hope. Depression is a sneaky bastard though. It was hard to maintain that feeling of confidence when I finished that part of treatment. Some of it is still there when I practice my banjo.

There isn’t a lot of sad banjo music and the sound of a banjo just makes me a little more upbeat. I hang on to that. Being home alone during the day with depression is no picnic. It takes effort to get through the day. I am glad I save just a little bit of that effort for my banjo therapy.

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