Winter Snow

The winter snow is here. Yay. Not. I know everyone, well, not everyone, says it’s beautiful. I can see beautiful in a painting of a snowy scene or on television thank you. I have never been a big winter fan.

I have to go out today so I especially dislike the snow. It covers my car. You know, the car I have to use to get to the dentist. I had an appointment last week before the snow got here, but I had a flat tire and had to reschedule to today.  


I don’t mind driving in the snow. I don’t even mind going to the dentist. I do mind cleaning off my car. It takes a lot of reaching and brushing and scraping. With fibromyalgia and a very bad shoulder it can be torture. I also often slip on the ice fall on my ass and some swearing might ensue. Today I am hoping the sun melts a bit of the snow off, but it’s probably a bit cold for that to happen, but a person can dream!


I looked for a picture of a sunny, snowy day in Cleveland, but those are scarce.  Most winter days here are just gray.

My husband helps me with a lot in life, but he can’t help with everything. He doesn’t have time. He has to work. He has other things he needs to take care of. I have to start caring more for myself. We have to be practical. My husband can’t do everything.

So for the first time this winter I will go out and clean off my car. The snow is only an inch thick so it’s not too bad.  The temperature is up to 32 degrees from 17 yesterday.  There doesn’t seem to be much wind. This will be the easy one. Let’s just see how it is in February! 

Oh damn. I forgot I didn’t buy boots this year. Glad the snow is not very deep. I will be fine. I have fibro. I know how to be tough and withstand all kinds of things. I have to.  



C is the first letter in all the names of my siblings, parents and me: Chuck, Chris, Curt, Charles, Colleen and Cheryl

Reading is one of my favorite ways to spend time.

It’s fun to try new things.

My new kitten, Harrison, sure makes me happy.

Seen some crazy things in my time.

Oh man, the cold weather is here to stay for awhile. 

Not a fan of Journey

Oy, I don’t like them.

Why did I mention them?

Let’s change the subject.

6 years ago many people said two thousand nine. Now many people say twenty fifteen. Two thousand fifteen sounds awkward to me.

times married is the charm. This time I have the right guy!


Happiness Is A Warm Gun

“Happiness is a Warm Gun” was another one which was banned on the radio – they said it was about shooting up drugs. But they were advertising guns and I thought it was so crazy that I made a song out of it. It wasn’t about ‘H’ at all.
– John Lennon, Anthology

The Beatles – Happiness Is A Warm Gun from Kartel on Vimeo.

She’s not a girl who misses much

Do do do do do do, oh, yeah

She’s well acquainted
With the touch of the velvet hand
Like a lizard on a window pane
The man in the crowd with the
Multicolored mirrors on his hobnail boots

Lying with his eyes
While his hands are busy working overtime
A soap impression of his wife
Which he ate and donated to the National Trust

I need a fix cause I’m going down
Down to the bits that I left uptown
I need a fix cause I’m going down

Mother Superior jump the gun
Mother Superior jump the gun
Mother Superior jump the gun
Mother Superior jump the gun
Mother Superior jump the gun
Mother Superior jump the gun

Happiness is a warm gun
(Bang bang, shoot shoot)
Happiness is a warm gun mama
(Bang bang, shoot shoot)
When I hold you in my arms
(Oh yeah)
And I feel my finger on your trigger
(Ooo, oh yeah)
I know nobody can do me no harm
(Ooo, oh yeah)

Because happiness is a warm gun mama
(Bang bang, shoot shoot)
Happiness is a warm gun, yes it is
(Bang bang, shoot shoot)
Happiness is a warm, yes it is, gun
(Happiness, bang bang, shoot shoot)
Well, don’t you know that happiness is a warm gun mama
(Happiness is a warm gun yeah)



Will marijuana be legal in Ohio?

Today in Ohio is the big Marijuana vote. There are two issues. First, there is the issue to legalize weed for both medical and medicinal purposes. I heard we will be the first state to pass recreational at the same time as medical. IF we pass the issue. Second there is an issue on the ballot to not allow certain monopolies from forming. This second issue is intended to block the marijuana issue from taking effect. 

The weed issue names 10 growers for the state. They are the only authorized growers for Ohio. According to the second issue, this is a monopoly and would not be allowed if the issue passes. 

So to legalize marijuana, Issue 2 (the monopoly issue) needs to fail and Issue 3 (legalization issue) needs to pass. I have heard different things about what will happen if both issues pass. This morning the news said it would be decided in court. 

So it will be interesting to see how this plays out. We are a conservative state (as much as it pains me to say that). The anti-legalization commercials show weed candy. YOUR KIDS WILL EAT THIS DRUG CANDY! I hate to tell them but kids are smoking weed anyway. I wonder if it would be easier for kids or harder or the same to get illegal weed. I suppose not too difficult either way. The law allows people to grow at home a certain number of plants. So there’s still the probability that kids will be able to still get weed without much problem. 

Polls are open till 7:30 so it will be awhile before we know. Will Ohio join the states who have legalized marijuana; will issue 2 (monopoly issue) pass or will this whole thing end up in court? I will just have to wait and see. 

A Tale of Two Kitties

I have a new kitten! We rescued him from under a friend’s porch a month ago. He is about two months old now. HE IS ADORABLE! We, and by we I mean I, named him Harrison. After George Harrison, my favorite Beatle. My parents had a wonderful cat named George for a number of years and he just died two years ago. I wasn’t ready to have another George yet. So Harrison it is!

When we brought him home he was tiny. On his first vet visit a week after we got him he weighed 1.6 pounds. His body was so small. It was hard to even pet him since he had such a tiny little back.

We also have an older cat who is about ten years old. We thought she would enjoy having the kitten around since she had been somewhat mopey since she was alone after my little baby cat (17 years old) died early this year. We could not have been more wrong.

Cleo is not amused. She is usually a very laid back cat.  Get Harrison in the mix and she is a growling, hissing and angry kitty. She doesn’t like that he follows her around like a puppy. Harrison loves Cleo. He wants to play with her all the time and runs around like a bat out of hell passing inches from Cleo’s nose. She is not happy about that at all.

Often Cleo excuses herself to the bedroom to sleep on the bed or asks to go out in the  back yard. The outdoor escape isn’t going to happen soon since the mornings are in the 30s these days. Brrrrrr

Harrison is a model cat. He has used the litter box since day one, he eats whatever we give him and he is very loving and playful. He uses the scratching post that none of our other cats would ever use.

I only have one problem with him……he is supposed to be my baby.  Who does he choose to cuddle up to at night? His mommy, who feeds and waters him, cleans the litter box and plays with him all day long? No. He snuggles up to Daddy.

Oh well, I guess I’ll have to settle for him loving me all day while Daddy is at work.



Wandering the White House

I posted this last year about my being locked in the White House and thought I’d share again for any of those interested.,

Life is strange

My daughter and son-in-law both work in Washington, D.C.. When I go to visit, since September 11, 2001, I always think about how different security is at the White House now.

My brother and sister-in-law worked for the Office of Management and Budget in D.C. back in the late 80s and early 90s during President GHW Bush’s term. My older two children, my friend and I visited my brother and his wife in October 1992.

My friend, the kids and I drive around D.C. to see the sights. We look at and stop by many of the monuments. We also take the Metro train to the National Mall. The AIDS quilt is being displayed and there is a march to the White House planned for one of the days we are visiting my brother.


One night my brother asks if we would like to tour the White House. Well, sure…

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