The Republicans are coming, the Republicans are coming!


For a lot of us, summer means orange barrels and construction here and there throughout our cities. For those of us in Cleveland this year it means orange barrels EVERYWHERE.

The Republicans are coming to town. First it was the convention next year. Now it’s the debates this Thursday AND the convention next year.

It seems that every area of the city has decided to spruce itself up. The roads, the airport, the Q (aka Quicken Loans Arena) are all undergoing facelifts. It makes getting around a challenge. Our detours have detours at the moment.

My husband and I just traveled to Florida for a week. We had to get to the airport over two hours before our flight. The construction on the outside of the airport had spilled into the inside and there was now only one security line for everyone.  On our return home we remembered that there is only one exit open to get outside to meet my aunt who picked us up to take us home.

We made it home, of course.  I’m getting very tired of all the construction, however. And all because the Republicans are coming. I will be staying inside while they are loose about the city. I might accidentally run into one. I hope they bring a lot of their money and spend it downtown.

I think the barrels will come down for the few days around the debate. At least that will be nice.

Enjoy Cleveland, Republicans. I know my brother is thrilled you are here.



I just got my daily phone call from my husband. Just to say “hi”. It’s a nice ritual. I enjoy having him call every day.

Today, I sit here doing laundry and not much else. I could watch Perry Mason on MeTV, but I have to leave for my first visit with a new therapist before I would find out who the real killer is.

I’m going to see my friend and my 5 year old god-granddaughter. She and I have a lot of fun together. She likes me to participate in whatever she happens to be doing at the time! Last week we played with Play Doh. I’m not as good with those Doh machines that make all the shapes as I thought

Right now for some reason, a big black helicopter just flew by at a very low altitude. I could see the pilot and passenger! I can still hear it hovering around up there. What can it be doing around here. It’s not the Life Flight ‘copter because that is yellow. Hmm, maybe he’s a new pilot learning to fly. Wow is he flying low!! OH, there he goes, off to some other adventure somewhere else.

Wow, that is the kind of excitement I get around here usually. We don’t live far from the airport. We still don’t get too many low flying objects around here though.

Oh my gosh, the mail just got here! It’s only 9:30 a.m. Our mail usually comes at 4:00 p.m. I am so excited! I wait for the mail everyday, even though it usually is junk mail. Today is a red letter day. I got a package! Yay! It’s not for me though. Boo.

I’m going to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter soon. I can’t wait. it is my second time there, but first time seeing the expansion of Diagon Alley.

Uh oh, my washer’s spin cycle sounds out of control. I’d better go attend to it.

Okay, that is enough randomness for today.

Thanks for reading.


A Positive List of Reminders

    • I’m glad I woke up this morning.
    • I’m thankful all of my children are alive and doing well.
    • I am grateful my husband is the loving person he is.
    • I have the greatest best friend, ever.
    • I love my cat.
    • I enjoy watching Dragnet and Adam-12.
    • I still love Harry Potter.
    • I love that I can read, reading takes me all over this world and to many others!
    • I like to crochet.
    • I’m happy I quit smoking and lost 50 pounds in the last year.
    • I am looking forward to having more grandchildren to join my god-granddaughter.
    • I just noticed every sentence listed starts with the word “I”.
    • The weather is beautiful today.
    • Yay, tomorrow is payday!
    • Nikki asked me to wear my new tiara (purchased at a Renaissance Faire) to her wedding reception!
    • I have a TIARA!


Random haiku

sitting here alone

waiting for my bff

writing a haiku

Cavs won their last game

Indians won their last game

Good day in Cleveland

Georgia here we come

My bff, friends and me

sun and sand and us

Haikus not easy

to write with beauty

practice makes perfect?

Good Day Sunshine (My ass)


Good Day Sunshine

Good day sunshine, (Oh, yeah, where are you?)

Good day sunshine, (It’s effing snowing here today!)

Good day sunshine. (I haven’t seen you in Cleveland in months!)

I need to laugh, and when the sun is out (for those 60 days a year)

I’ve got something I can laugh about, (Such as why do I live in Ohio?)

I feel good, in a special way. (that first day in June you show up)

I’m in love and it’s a sunny day. (in Georgia!)

Hello, Goodbye

Today is the day my dad’s car becomes my car. My father died almost two years ago and I bought out the car from my brother (my other two brothers gave me the car, but that’s another story.) In Ohio I can reregister the car twice in my father’s name, which I did last year. Now, it’s time to switch it over.

I have all the paperwork needed. I have had it for over a month. Today is the last day. I have to switch it over today. I am going to stop calling it “Dad’s car” once I have the title and plates in my own name. Both my father and I are/were amateur radio operators and have/had our call signs on our license plates. Each call sign is unique to the holder of that radio license.  My father’s car basically had his name on the plates. Now they will have my call sign.

It feels both like a small hello and a small goodbye.


Customer Service

I got a letter in the mail yesterday from a hotel where I had a reservation last weekend. Some friends and I went downtown to see a play version of “Dirty Dancing”, go to dinner and stay overnight downtown with our three out of town guests.

After trouble finding parking for the hotel, whose lot was full, we were told the hotel was overbooked and we couldn’t stay there. They had, however, gotten us accommodations, at their expense, at a sister hotel downtown.

We waited for our luggage to be brought back to us and traveled a few blocks to the other hotel. There was valet parking only, which we did not have to pay for either, having paid for parking at a lot earlier for the other hotel. The hotel looked very new and we were starting to feel a little better about being inconvenienced, even though we were getting the night’s stay free.

We checked in and asked if we could be upgraded to a suite; we would pay the difference in price. We were upgraded at no cost and given a late check out time. This hotel was less than one year old and our upgraded suite was very large and very nice.  The only real downside to the new hotel was that it does not have a pool.

After a very nice evening with friends at a nice hotel, we checked out the next afternoon. The whole experience cost the 5 of us $12 for using the wifi at the hotel. (I had never heard of being charged for wifi, but who knows). We were very pleased with how well we were treated and how the overbooking was handled.

Now, back to that letter. The letter received from the Renaissance Hotel downtown Cleveland, offers a free overnight stay at the hotel to make up for our inconvenience.


I really appreciate the customer service received. I know it’s a high priced hotel, but the lengths the hotel went to be sure we are satisfied customers was impressive.

I’m looking forward to staying there for my husband’s birthday next month.