Dragnet and Christmas guns

I’m not a gun person. Let me just say that up front. Guns make me feel unsafe, no matter who has one. I don’t like to be around guns, no matter how much its owner says they know what they’re doing. Guns are made for killing, period. So, I just don’t have any reason to want to be around them.

I am not, however, against anyone owning a gun. I do think there should be some more regulation regarding who can obtain a gun, but I am not against people having guns. I wish fewer people had them, but that’s another story.

I live in the United States and there is a huge gun culture here. More in some parts of the country than others. It goes way back and the NRA will make sure it stays around as long as possible. Lots of people here REALLY love their guns and don’t appreciate anyone who doesn’t. Most people, I think, are just quiet gun owners, not rabid gun nuts. The one bad thing about that is that I might go into a home where someone owns a gun and not know it. I would prefer to be able to have the choice of coming over or not, knowing there is a gun in the house.

I listen to a lot of old time radio shows and Dragnet is one of my favorites. The other night I was listening to a Christmas show from 1949. The story was about a nine year old boy who found his Christmas gift of a .22 caliber gun in its hiding place and took it to play with his friend. The friend tripped with the gun while playing and was shot and killed. What struck me was Friday’s moral for this episode: Don’t buy a kid a gun for Christmas. Wow, what? From an American police story radio show? Don’t give kids guns for Christmas?

I know many people do. I was in Kmart a few years ago when my daughter and I saw a banner saying: Get Your Christmas Guns! Um, no thanks.

I did think it refreshing that a show based on police files was advocating not giving children guns for Christmas. I don’t know, maybe they think it’s okay other times. Sergeant Friday didn’t sound like he thought it was a great idea in general, but that may just be my interpretation since I agree with it.

For those who like or love guns, it’s your right to own them. Have them, enjoy them, tolerate them, whatever. I just really don’t like to be around them, if at all possible.

I know writing about guns can bring up a lot of hot, angry feelings. I am not writing to be contrary. I just love Dragnet.

The Kit Cat Club

My husband and I just celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary. We stayed home and just had a chill evening.

Our gift to each other this year was a Kit Cat Clock. Do you remember these? The cat clocks with the clock on the stomach and the eyes and tail move? That clock.

It looks like this:


We love stuff like this. I was looking for a nice clock for my daughter and son-in-law at our local clock shop when I happened upon our little friend Kit here.

I knew he was for us. So I packed him up with the clock I picked for my gift to my daughter and took him home.

He now hangs in our kitchen where we can see him at all times.

Kit Cat clocks go back to the 1930s. They only had two paws then and no bow tie back then. The Kit Cat logo was also not shown on the front. That was added in the 1980s which is the last time the clock design was updated.

He will hang from now on in his place of honor; keeping time as we enjoy many more years of marriage.

All My Children

This past weekend all my kids were home. This hasn’t happened in about three to four years. I live in Ohio and my children live in Virginia, Maryland and Utah. We aren’t able to all get together all that often these days.

It was so nice to have them all together again. They were only here for the weekend, but they all decided to try to get together more often and although the two girls are engaged, their fiancés don’t fly. So, it is difficult to get all the kids and their significant others all together.

This time we had all the kids and my older daughter’s fiancé. We had a big dinner at their grandmother’s house. My husband and I, the kids and the fiancé, my ex-husband, his mother, his brother and family, my brother and family and some close friends of the family.

It was so nice to have the kids all together. I can’t wait till they can all come back together again.


Shaye, Genelle, Bryon and Cherise


Last night my husband, daughter and I were driving home from a family function.

As we pass under a bridge my daughter says, “Whoa! That was a bull!”

My husband says, “Two bulls!”

I say, “WHAT?!”

We decide I should turn around and be sure it was bulls we saw.

On our second time driving past, the black bull, with big horns is standing on the curb, head up watching me drive by very slowly.

My daughter says, “Mom! Keep moving! He might charge the car!”

I speed up and pull over.

I call the police, who don’t sound very surprised when I call to report two loose bulls wandering near the street in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. Not a rural place.

We drive home and discuss how the police are going to corral these bulls.

Does this happen often?

We ponder other bull related questions that arise in this kind of situation.

We didn’t wait for the police to arrive.

That bull had a look in his eye that last time we drove past……..