The Fair and Me

I was chatting with a friend on Facebook recently. It wasn’t anything exciting, just “what’s up”, “how’s it going” kind of stuff. I was telling her I got a new phone and none of my calendar information transferred over.

I put everything I have to do on this calendar; everything I have to do that involves leaving the house that is.  My old phone would no longer hold or take a charge and I was desperately trying to charge it just to glance at the calendar and hope to retrieve another appointment. I’m not booked up with dates or activities, but I do have several dentist and doctor appointments coming up that I wouldn’t like to miss.

Anyway, my friend asked me if I was free August 9th. Did I want to go to the county fair? I love the fair. The county fair grounds are in my city so I grew up going to the fair. I checked my newly updated calendar and was naturally free since it is a Saturday. We talked about who would be going and how much fun it is.

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Suddenly I remembered….I can’t walk around the fair anymore. Dang! My back and my legs are too bad now for me to do that. I have fibromyalgia and another physical issue which make it hard to be on my feet for too long or to sit in one place for very long. Dang, dang, dang and some other, stronger words! I just totally forgot. The fair has always been a part of my life, I never gave it a thought that I COULDN’T physically go. It feels so odd.

My doctor says the only thing for my back is swimming. It will help strengthen it, but it will never be very strong. Still it can’t hurt. I was a competitive swimmer for six years when I was younger and I started swimming to strengthen my back on doctor’s orders even then.


If I had set any resolution for myself this year it would be to swim and keep swimming. Go swim on a regular basis. I haven’t done this at all. It takes a lot of effort to get up there just to get in the pool. After realizing I can’t go to the fair, such a small thing, I have set a few small goals for myself.

  • Swim at least 3 times a week
  • Keep track of what I eat (I got an app for that, it also records my exercise)
  • Do my neck exercises every morning and every night. (relieve stress and headaches)

I like to start out small. I know getting up and going to swim will be the most challenging, but I need a challenge right now. I need to try something different and carry it through long enough to really determine if it is helping.

I raised three kids. I’ve been married three times (I finally got it right). I’ve survived a lot of crap. I can at least give this a try.

I want to go to the fair next year.

7 Weeks of Weird: Week 4

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This is week 4 of 7 Weeks of Weird and the prompt this week is: A weird habit/routine we have.

I haven’t ever really been a “creature of habit”. I have certain routines in the morning in order to get my husband ready for work and out the door, but they aren’t very weird. Same with my nighttime routine. Nothing really odd there. I do have a few weird habits and routines though:

  •  When I get dressed I put on one sock, one shoe and then the other sock and the other shoe. I know most people put on their socks and then their shoes, but I don’t. Archie Bunker and Michael Stivic once had a fight about which was the correct way to put on shoes and socks on the tv show All in the Family. (I tried to link a video with no luck)
  • I eat all my food so that I have fairly equal portions on my plate throughout the meal. I like to have one bite of everything at the end of the meal.
  • My husband says I have a habit of speaking in non sequiturs. That hat was a nice touch.

I am struggling to even come up with the three points that would make my weird habits/routines a few. Which is kind of strange since I am a pretty weird person. I’m more a spontaneous person, I think. I’m also not superstitious, so I don’t have any sports rituals, bingo rituals, anything like that.

I know there must be more. I just can’t think of them right now. After all, my habits aren’t weird to ME.





Thankful Friday


I haven’t done a Thankful Friday before, but I think the idea is cool. I’m going to do a list this week, too!

This week I am thankful that:

  1. My children are all healthy and happy. They all live out of state and it is nice to hear from each of them at least once a week or so.
  2. My husband loves me. Sometimes he has good reason not to, but he always does.
  3. I got on a case at jury duty. It would be so boring to just sit there all day in the jury pool! Unless the jury pool was an actual pool. Which unfortunately it is not.
  4. The judge let us out at one o’clock today. Yay!
  5. My tooth doesn’t hurt anymore. I got a root canal this week. Root canals aren’t fun, but to have no pain eating and drinking afterward is worth it.
  6. My phone battery didn’t die when I was at the Zappa show Sunday. I could get my picture taken with Dweezil again. The-girl-in-front-of-me’s phone died right when she posed for her picture with him. (I took one of her and Dweezil and texted it to her phone)
  7. I don’t have to worry about getting Ebola. I know that sounds crazy, but there is an outbreak of Ebola that is killing people on the west coast of Africa. This is just an awful way to die. Agencies there are working together to try to control the outbreak.
  8. I have a great best friend. She helped me get my head in a much better place this week and she listened when I needed her, as she always does.
  9. I had time today to do a post. I haven’t had the time to sit down and really write anything due to jury duty, but I’m glad I am able to today. (Even if it’s just this silly list)
  10. I have people who read and even comment on my blog. I am very grateful that people are interested in what I write about or just read my blog for whatever reason. It is a nice feeling.

Well, there is my first Thankful Friday list. What are you thankful for this week?

Going solo at the House of Blues

I went to see Zappa Plays Zappa again Sunday night. My husband didn’t go with me this time because he had to work early Monday morning. This is the third time in a year I have gone to see this band. Basically it’s Dweezil Zappa with a great band playing his father, Frank Zappa’s, music.

Since my husband couldn’t go to the concert I tried to find someone to go with me. Not an easy task at the last minute on a Sunday night for a band no one has heard of, playing music no one has heard of either. My aunt likes to go to concerts and might have gone with me and possibly liked the music, but she was out of town. My brother-in-law (sister-in-law’s brother) had an important evening meeting, so even though he is a big Zappa fan, he couldn’t go. My bff, Merry, kindly offered to go with me even though she is not into the music, but she was not up to it.

There was one other person I knew to whom I could give my extra ticket. The head shop dude. He likes Frank Zappa. But I just couldn’t ask him. I don’t know him that well, but I know him from coming in the store. To buy posters and incense, yes, that’s it. Anyway, my husband wasn’t crazy about the idea anyway. He actually asked me if I was asking the dude on a date?! A date?! Yes, dear, I am asking him on a date. NO. I just didn’t want to waste the ticket.

I couldn’t find anyone to take the ticket by the time it was time to leave so I just went by myself. A few of my friends were worried about be going downtown at night by myself, but I wasn’t worried. I was not missing this show.

It was a great show as always with the band covering “new” Frank music (stuff they didn’t cover before), but it just wasn’t the same without someone to share the show.

After the show, while waiting to meet the band, everyone in line is your friend. They all love the band. They all just saw a great show. Everyone is sharing their stories about seeing either Frank Zappa himself or Zappa Plays Zappa, what other bands they like, what item they are going to have the band sign and taking pictures for each other with the different band members when they did come out  (many of us older folks just aren’t great at selfies I guess).

All in all a good night. I’m glad I went.  I have one more concert planned this summer yet and my husband swears he will go next time even though it’s a Sunday show and he will have to work the next day.

Either way, I’ll be there.




Cleveland, LeBron and the Republicans

I’m from Cleveland. The biggest stories this week have been the announcement that the Republican National Convention will be held here and….what takes up most of the news every day for the last couple days..LeBron James is coming back to the Cavaliers.

LeBron is big news here. He is from Akron, which is a bit south of Cleveland and used to be a member of the Cleveland basketball team the Cavaliers. He famously signed with the Heat a few years back and pissed off most of Cleveland by the shameful way he announced his move. Most of us can understand leaving for a maybe better opportunity, but there was no reason to be a jerk about it.

Now, four years later, the LBJ of Cleveland says he’s grown up and wants to come home. There are still haters. They say he doesn’t deserve to come back, that he burned his bridges.

What? Okay, I agree he was an arrogant jerk about his 2010 announcement to leave. Who of us, though, has not done something we regret. Maybe in front of or to a friend, at our jobs or with our families. With our families, we are usually forgiven. We fans should accept his apology and explanation and hope it is sincere. That’s what most are saying here. Hoping the King has matured since 2010.

I mean it is LeBron! The best basketball player in the country right now. Maybe in the world. His return to Cleveland means a lot to the city. He has already brought the sell out of all Cavs season tickets within a few hours of his announcement to come back. I’m sure the extra people going downtown for the games will only help the restaurants and clubs. I’m sure there are a lot of businesses that will benefit from his return, Especially if he brings us a bunch of wins.

The Republican convention is like that too. Not everyone is happy they are coming here, but most people do see the boost for the city the convention will bring.

We have a new casino, the Republican convention and now LeBron coming back to town. I haven’t been to the casino yet, I’m not a Republican and I like baseball and football more than basketball.

But I’m happy for anything that helps Cleveland. So Republicans and LeBron, welcome to town.


Week 2:


What is the weirdest thing about you that other people don’t usually know?

This is a 7 week prompt from Mental Mama called 7 Weeks of Weird. I am a pretty open person so most people know about my weirdness. Also, how can I pick just one weird thing about myself? Weird is in the eyes of the beholder after all. Mama did a list so maybe I will too.

  • At the age of 51 I love all things Harry Potter. (Everyone who knows me knows this)
  • I own more than one Yoko Ono album
  • Two of my three children weighed more than 9 pounds at birth,
  • I don’t like chocolate.
  • I like to swear using words like Dagnab it, Daggum it and Consarn it. (I can swear pretty well with the real words, too, though)
  • I don’t carry a purse
  • I have been an amateur radio operator for 19 years.

I don’t know…is it weird I collect phones? Is it weird I just took up the banjo two and a half years ago? Maybe there is something really weird about me that I think is totally normal. If so, I’m sure someone will point it out eventually.      

untitled (2)

Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart…..

My husband and I went to an Independence Day picnic yesterday. We were asked to bring beans. Okay, that’s easy enough. Everyone loves Bush beans. I can just get a big can of those. They will be better than any beans I could make since I am not a big fan of baked beans and have never made them myself.

I asked my friend who invited us how much beans should I bring? How many people will be there? She tells me she’s not sure how many people, but to just bring a crock pot of beans.

That seems like a lot to me, but I get a giant can of beans. A seven pound can of beans. My other friend tells me this will fill up a crock pot.

Okay, yesterday morning I open this giant can of beans and pour it into the crock pot, Yes, it does indeed fill the crock pot; almost up to the brim, but not quite. I am still thinking this seems like enough beans for an army. I call my friend and ask if she is SURE this is the right amount of beans? She assures me everyone who will be there loves beans. It should be enough. Should be? Ha, that wasn’t my worry.

 We get to the picnic and our friend is cooking about 100 burgers and 50 hot dogs on a huge grill. Inside the pavilion cabin there are all kinds of side dishes: pasta salad, chips, vegetables, potato salad, macaroni salad and now beans. There IS enough food here to feed an army.

After the picnic, we pack up to go home. We gather up our crock pot and it’s still about 80% full. I guess we didn’t need quite that much baked beans after all.

I really hate to waste food, but my husband and I live here alone now and my husband eats like a bird. We can’t possibly consume all these beans! Even if I include them in my breakfast, lunch and dinners.  Tonight we’re going to grill up some hot dogs and have some beans to go with them, We’ll maybe have burgers and beans tomorrow, But that’s it, after that the beans are too old and must be thrown out. Whew, no more beans.

Next time I’m getting one 24 ounce can. Beans may be good for your heart, but some of their other side effects can be less than pleasant.

I hope everyone who celebrated yesterday had a wonderful Fourth.